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Spoken Word: I Want To Feel

I Want To Feel
By Mical Asefaw

I want to feel love
I want to fall so deep in it,
That I swim past the ocean’s of my blues,
Past the scarlets of my hearts,
Until I am suspended in purple.

I want to feel the kind of love
Where you would find Jesus and Ms. Magdalene looking up at the stars.
I want to float in the paradise Mohammed speaks of
Where Siddhartha becomes Buddha because all there is, is love.

And I want to make love the way leaves fall from trees, changing colors,
Before they touch the ground;
From the greens, to the yellows, to the reds, to the browns,
Freely trusting, letting go completely,
Then hopelessly falling all over again.

I want that kind of orgasm,
That, “please don’t end…”
But it does so that we can do it all over again.

That mental, spiritual, physical connection,
Where everyone is one, and everything is within me.

I want to be his friend,
So that when we touch all hurt mends.
I want to pay homage to his soul.

I want to dance in his heart and master the art of him.
I want to know the very essence that makes him, him.
I want to take all of his hurt, put it in a box, give it wings and make it fly far, far away.

I want to wake up next to him. Wake him up in the early morning, rock him and put him back to sleep.
I want to make him think he’s still dreaming.
I want to walk out of his dreams with nothing on but the mocha of my skin
And make him believe, that we are in the garden of Eden.

I want to show him a goodnight story
And leave him with the taste of the salt from my chinny-chin-chin.

I want to fall in love with him. On Top of him.
And let him groove to me… in me… with me.
I want to fall so deep, that he sings my name.
And I will ride every note of his song
Until he screams my name, chants my name,
whispers my name… oh, Mical…
Until I find new meaning in my name…

And my name… will be synonymous…. To the sounds of love.



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